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Monitoring User Activity Across The Network For Threat Detection And Response

Threat detection requires continuous network monitoring and visibility. Traditional security relied solely on looking at activity coming from the outside, largely ignoring the happenings inside the firewall.

Monitoring the activity inside the network exposes malicious behavior, allowing for faster detection and response. With ubiquitous connectivity and new device types making environments more complicated, understanding and monitoring user and machine behavior is imperative. Being able to identify, correlate and understand anomalies and risky activity is paramount for maintaining a strong security posture.

Watch now to learn:

  • Why monitoring network activity by user is a priority for faster detection and response
  • How behavioral monitoring detects insider threats
  • Best practices and technologies for network-based threat detection and investigation

Joseph Blankenship - Senior Analyst, Forrester
Graham Ahearne - Director, Security Product Management, Corvil

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