On-Demand Webinar

A Guide to Real-Time Risk Analytics for Financial Services

Over 70 percent of data centers are attacked each year. Risk in today’s complex financial IT environments is a growing concern and comes in many forms, ranging from security and technology risk in operations centers to market and portfolio risk in trading systems. Increasingly, threats and breaches require effective real-time responses to limit potentially severe damage to brand reputation and crippling financial losses.

Topics include:

  • Source streaming data in IT environments as a basis for real-time risk analysis
  • Analyze and reconcile the portfolio and market risk associated with trading activity, whether expected or discovered
  • Detect anomalies and threats via client and user behavior modeling

Brian Kreider - TradeGuard Product Owner, NASDAQ OMX
Michel Debiche - Financial Services Practice Lead, Think Big Analytics
Fergal Toomey - Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Corvil

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