On-Demand Webinar

Compromise Is Inevitable - Breach Is Not!

The average cyber attacker dwells in the environment for 229 days before the compromise is discovered by Security Operations Center (SOC) teams. During this time, attackers can acquire enough information about your users and infrastructure to orchestrate multiple attacks, flying under your internal defenses. Correlating network and endpoint activity paints a comprehensive picture of attacks underway, reduces false positives and speeds response. Through seamless integration of intelligence and workflows across attack surfaces, SOC teams can also benefit from a boost in productivity and effectiveness.

In this webinar you will learn how today’s sophisticated attackers are exploiting blindspots to avoid your siloed defenses and how combining your defenses will increase your ability to detect, defend and respond faster to the most sophisticated attacks.

Watch this 45 min webinar as we demonstrate how to fight a complex attack using the combined defenses of Corvil, Carbon Black and Splunk.

Rick McElroy - Security Strategist, Carbon Black
Graham Ahearne - Director, Product Management - Security Analytics, Corvil

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