On-Demand Webinar

Understanding Packet Loss

We’ve all experienced slow and sluggish application performance – websites taking forever to load, annoying response times, time-outs and reconnections. Or if you’ve used a VoIP handset you may have experienced call degradation and a robotic sound – a clear indication that packet loss is occurring causing the codec to backfill the missing audio. The buffering of video streams is an annoyance that everyone is familiar with, while it can be caused by bandwidth starvation, packet loss has a significant impact too. Perhaps you’re an online gamer and fed up of being literally killed by lag; you feel everyone else in the game is one step ahead of you. Particularly that sniper who’s just about to pull the trigger that will end your game!

In this 15 minute webinar we explore packet loss in detail, starting with an understanding of how it causes problems to these applications and how it is handled for different types of traffic. We’ll also explore the various causes of packet loss, how we detect and pinpoint it and then finally; How to fix it.

James Wylie - Director of Technical Product Marketing, Corvil

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