eBook: Detecting Cryptojacking with Network Analytics

As cryptojacking activities become rife, and their means of execution more varied, Corvil helps detect these threats by going back to the wire.

Industry observers, have suggested that the subtlety of illegal cryptomining breaches leads to apathy and a lack of fear that cryptojackers thrive on. It is, however, a big mistake to underestimate the ramifications. Running cryptomining software increases the demands placed on a system, which can impact device performance, reduce responsiveness, decrease battery life (on mobile devices) and increase temperatures, which can shorten the lifespan of hardware.

Download this ebook to learn more about the most common types of cryptojacking events and how network analytics can help detect and neutralize their impact:

  • Rogue employee mining threat
  • Drive-by browser attacks
  • Execution on a remote device

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