Network Data Analytics for Digital Business

Digital businesses are all about ‘business in the now’, turning real-time data into business insights at the same time as harnessing a new agility in infrastructure that allows them to react to that intelligence. The end game is to adapt and meet changing business needs more quickly and efficiently.

Digital businesses run on automated and distributed technologies where the scale and complexity of infrastructure creates blind spots for traditional monitoring tools. Focused on silos, these tools struggle to see the bigger picture, the complex interactions that occur across multi-tiered environments that often span different geographies.

Corvil exposes and analyzes data that traditional monitoring tools miss. It facilitates access to a granular view of the way infrastructure performs and turns it into operational intelligence of high value to different stakeholders, whether it’s troubleshooting and proactive monitoring for the IT department, the chief executive using data to demonstrate the organization’s high performance capabilities, or finance meeting regulatory requirements.

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