Electronic Trading

To Safeguard Trading in a Machine World

Corvil transforms network data into streaming machine-time intelligence for electronic trading businesses to operate with full transparency, achieve superior execution outcome, and deliver trusted data for regulatory compliance and risk management.

Cara: Virtual Security Expert
Regulatory Reporting Solution
Corvil Sensor

What you get with Corvil

See every order, every tick, for every client, to every venue, across all hops, in machine-time for equities, options, derivatives, FX and fixed income in one integrated platform; everything nanosecond time-stamped, synchronized, normalized, stored and streamed on-demand.

Safeguarding Business in Machine-Time with Corvil

Corvil Is Used Across All Financial Markets

Sell-side Broker

Buy-side Investor

FX Trading

Fixed Income

Market Maker

Equities Exchange

Options Exchange

Data Provider

Service Provider

Arm Provider