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The quality, completeness and timeliness of market data impacts both strategy decisions (what to trade) and order execution decisions (where to trade). By identifying stale or gapped prices, comparing relative performance of feeds, and analyzing performance across the market data distribution plant, Corvil provides the insight to assure optimal delivery this critical resource.


  • Risk of executing on stale prices or delivering stale prices to clients
  • Lengthy timeframes to identify, diagnose, and address issues
  • Data volumes are projected to increase +50% over the next 2 years
  • Market volatility driven by factors such as Brexit, Trade Wars, etc.
  • Increasing scrutiny by traders, clients and regulators
  • What you get with Corvil

  • Minimize risk of missing fills or stale quote delivery to traders
  • Lower mean time to identify and resolve issues
  • More effective plant performance and capacity optimization
  • More reliable data delivery during volatile periods
  • Improved transparency for rapid response to queries
  • Corvil has a stellar reputation within the financial industry and is the only solution that can adequately handle the volume of market data we process at enough granularity. For us, there were really no good alternatives to Corvil.

    – CTO, Saxo Bank

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    Solution Overview

    Corvil taps into the market data flowing through the ticker plant infrastructure providing a real-time authoritative view of all market data feeds with nanosecond precision. Corvil sees every tick, every symbol across each infrastructure hop. Corvil passively captures, timestamps, decodes, correlates and analyzes the market data flows, in real-time, with zero impact on the performance of the ticker plant infrastructure. The result is a real-time picture of the latency, performance and capacity utilization of the ticker plant. Operations personnel are alerted pro-actively when problems arise, and Corvil provides a sophisticated suite of analytics for detecting and troubleshooting market data specific issues e.g. determining whether the A or the B feed is the fastest, detecting market data gaps, predicting bandwidth requirements.

    Corvil supports analytics plug-ins for hundreds of market data protocols across Equities, Options, Derivatives, FX and Fixed Income, including popular middleware protocols like Tibco. These are updated monthly and can be extended on-demand as required by our clients. Corvil supports streaming its enriched timestamped data and detected ticker events to a wide range of external tools such as Kdb, Hadoop and Splunk. Capable of ingesting monster feeds like Opra in real-time, the Corvil solution meets the performance, granularity and accuracy requirements for the most demanding ticker plant and market data distribution environments.


    Key Capabilities

    Manage Clients

    • Prove latency SLA of data service
    • Provide full transparency hop by hop
    • Quickly respond to client queries
    • Report ticker performance KPIs
    • Stream tick compliance data to client

    Manage Ticker Plant

    • Report latency of feeds through every hop
    • Manage ticker plant capacity needs reliably
    • Quickly troubleshoot and fix problems
    • Provide diagnostic assist to app. dev teams
    • Hold service providers to account for SLAs

    Manage Feeds

    • See every tick timestamped - all feeds
    • Detect gaps and determine impact
    • Monitor microburst and message rates
    • Measure transit latency from venue
    • Determine if A or B feed is fastest

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