SolutionsTransaction Insights for Evolving Regulatory Climate

Leveraging Corvil for Risk and Compliance

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

Corvil provides data capture and real-time analysis needed to verify NIST traceability, assure clock synchronization integrity, automatically identify affected transactions and demonstrate active oversight to regulators for compliance.

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Corvil’s MiFID II solution provides UTC clock-synchronized data capture, real-time order lifecycle analysis, and predictive alerting needed for compliance with RTS-6, RTS-7, RTS-9, RTS-22, RTS-24, RTS-25, RTS-27 and RTS-28.

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MiFID II RTS-25 - Clock Sync

Corvil’s patented clock modeling algorithms provide UTC traceability statistics to demonstrate compliance with MiFID II clock synchronization requirements.

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MiFID II RTS-9 - OTR Risk Mitigation

Corvil Intelligence Hub applies machine learning techniques to analyze per-instrument OTR behaviors, anticipate end-of-day ratios, and proactively identify compliance risks that require action.

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Regulatory Transaction Reporting

Corvil’s precision transaction data capture and timestamping are seamlessly integrated with ARM providers to provide complete, end-to-end transaction reporting solutions for regulatory regimes such as MiFID, MiFIR, EMIR, Dodd Frank, ASIC, and MAS.

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Cybersecurity Risks

To safeguard financial markets infrastructure, Corvil automates continual cybersecurity risk assessments by combining machine-learning anomaly detection and threat detection.

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