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Optimize Execution Quality, Client Experience, and Operations

In today’s highly competitive trading business environment, diverse teams within trading firms require rapid insight into client experience, desk activity, execution quality, and counterparties to efficiently operate a trading business. The challenge has been making meaningful, efficient use of the voluminous, high velocity data managed by trading operations.

Corvil Intelligence Hub empowers diverse stakeholders to obtain rapid, unique insights from their digital trading operations. It applies the power of big data analytics and machine learning to a live source of uniquely correlated order lifecycle data, without the lengthy timelines and high costs.


  • Insights to optimize a broader range of business activities
  • Improved responsiveness to desk or customer order inquiries
  • Increased knowledge of customer intent, experience, and order behavior
  • Enhanced transparency into desk and trade strategy performance
  • Improved compliance through intraday risk management

Given the massive trade and order messaging rates that keep growing both in volume, speed and across asset classes, capital market players need to better understand the state of their orders/fills/data with nanosecond precision. The cost of downtime, venue or counterparty issues, and the associated risks are so great, trading and operations need to understand, analyse, and predict these immediately. These data sets are fertile ground to leverage machine learning to the utmost in the capital markets.

– Brad Bailey, Research Director, Celent

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Best Practices for Trade Infrastructure and Execution Analytics

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Better Data, Smarter Insights, Broader Business Advantages

Corvil makes it easy for more people to convert operational data into meaningful insights to improve the competitiveness of their trading businesses.

Trade Operations

Correlate business activity and plant performance with unified financial, trading and quality of experience metrics.

Client Support

Identify changes in client or desk execution quality with anomaly detection powered by machine learning.

Execution Optimization

Adjust counterparty pricing or order routing based on conditions.

Rapid Trading Intelligence for Diverse Stakeholders

Rapidly deployable, Intelligence Hub provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use, data visualizations, allowing multiple teams (desk, plant operations, security, risk and compliance, etc.) to explore and perform multidimensional analyses across trading, customer, asset classes, and performance metrics extracted from order flow messages.

Intelligence Hub also accurately identifies anomalies and triages areas of greatest concern by applying multiple machine learning algorithms to Corvil’s unique capture of high fidelity business data from the network.

Use Cases

  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Quality of Execution Analysis
  • Intraday Risk Management
  • Desk and Client Activity Analysis
  • Counterparty and Venue Analysis
  • Client and Desk Trade Support

Key Capabilities

Open, Scalable, Resilient Platform: REST APIs enable easy data extract. Clustered technology provides resiliency and recovery from outage. Easily scalable by adding nodes to accommodate more data or longer data retention times.
Fast Implementation: An integrated software stack that deploys quickly on prem or in AWS, that seamlessly ingests data streams from Corvil appliances, and includes trading analytics, dashboards and reports enabling users to focus value creation instead of combining multiple data sources.
Intuitive & Responsive User Experience: Analytics performance is optimized for in- teractive use and flexible data exploration, slicing, pivoting and correlation, with dozens of visualizations from which to choose. Easy to execute queries, visualize patterns, and see correlations – creating a convenient and productive user experience.
Granular Transaction Data: Corvil Analytics streams precision-time- stamped, granular data about transactions, customer experience and infrastructure performance data into Intelligence Hub for long term storage and analysis to empower business, compliance, customer support, and even security teams – without the data preparation and integration effort.
Anomaly Detection Powered By Machine Learning: Continually identify anomalies ranging from simple static thresholds, to deviations from baselines deviations detected by behavior modeling, to temporal anomalies detected by a neural network, to predictive analytics.
Intelligent Alerting: Detected anomalies are automatically correlated, deduplicated, consolidated and filtered to provide actionable alerts to stakeholders while minimizing noise and alert fatigue. Customizable management policies deliver complete control over alert propagation and workflows.

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