Execution Analytics for
Optimal Trading Performance

Analyzing execution in real-time is paramount to achieve a trading performance advantage and, for broker-dealers, to secure and grow order flow from clients. Corvil analyzes order lifecycle and execution with unmatched granularity, speed and precision.

Why Corvil

4 Ways Corvil Execution Analysis Drives a Performance Advantage

Client/Trader Intelligence

Improve service and preserve order flow

Client behavior and performance changes are a strong indicator of how they are experiencing the execution service and predict how they may re-allocate their flow.

By analyzing order flow, fill rates, latency, etc., by client, session, or trader (or order type, symbol, venue, etc.), you can understand if, where and why execution performance may be degrading, or can be further optimized, and take action sooner to communicate and address.

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Market Data Performance

Get the full value of your market data investment

The quality, completeness and timeliness of market data delivered to trading applications and algorithms impacts trading decisions (what to trade) and order execution decisions (where to trade).

By identifying gaps in market data feeds or stale prices, relative performance of feeds, and analyzing performance across the market data distribution plant, Corvil provides the insight to assure optimal delivery this critical resource.

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Trade Plant Performance Analysis

Track and improve the performance of trades across the order lifecycle

Analyze the performance of systems, applications, and connectivity involved in initiating, receiving, processing, and routing orders. Rapidly detect the source of issues and degradation and resolve quickly to mitigate impact.

By analyzing orders as they are transformed by each system, Corvil reveals the impact on end-to-end performance and identifies where to invest in optimizing for greatest return on investment.

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Venue/Counterparty Analysis

Optimize order routing decisions to improve execution

Determining the effectiveness of each venue or counterparty is a key element in optimizing execution decisions.

Compare the responsiveness of each venue in real-time as well as analyze the fill rates by order type and symbol, so you can provide feedback to algorithms for re-routing orders.

Identify anomalies in venue and counterparty behavior for early detection and response.

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The Greenwich Associates Report

Customer Retention in the Age of Electronic Trading    Free Download

We Analyze Client Experience and Execution
so that you know what’s happening before your clients do

Non-regulatory Uses of TCA (a new lens for evaluating Broker-Dealers)

Venue analysis
Alpha profiling
Real-time, in trade analytics

Source: Greenwich Associates 2019 Customer Retention in
the Age of Electronic Trading

Aspects of Order Execution with Greatest Impact on Profitability

Fill rates
Cancel rates
Reject rates
Cancel notification
RFQ response time

Source: Greenwich Associates 2019 Customer Retention in
the Age of Electronic Trading

Capabilities Needed for Effective Venue Analysis

Real time analysis
See venue performance by order type
Visualization tools
Performance comparison across all venues

Source: Greenwich Associates 2018 Venue Analytics: Routing a Path to Best Execution

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