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See, Understand & Optimize Business Delivery Over Complex Infrastructures

Many factors affect trading service performance, leading to frustrated traders and clients, reduced order flow and ultimately lost revenues.

Corvil provides end-to-end visibility of every transaction by tracking it across Gateways, SORs, network components and market venues. Corvil’s multi-hop analysis quickly pinpoints performance degradations leading to swift resolutions and proactive optimizations that improve customer service and protect revenues.



  • Understand per-component performance of trading infrastructure
  • Relate client experience to infrastructure and venue latency
  • Correctly scale the infrastructure to support the business
  • Understand the impact of software updates and infrastructure upgrades
  • Ensure critical flows are correctly balanced
  • Spot latency effects of things like Garbage Collection & non-optimized TCP stacks
  • Significantly reduce the MTTR of infrastructure investigations
  • Ensure Service Providers deliver what you’ve paid for

We have seen an increase in productivity by using Corvil. At least when it comes to the people who were put to task when there was an issue - who had to set up the sniffers and try to record a session and analyze packets - it was a pretty manual task. That has improved drastically. Now, with the same number of people, we are able to monitor more sessions in real-time.

– Director, Investment Bank

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Is Your Service Provider Delivering The Bandwidth You’re Paying For?

It’s difficult to know if you’re really getting the bandwidth you’re paying for. Corvil’s Microburst Analysis provides the answer.

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How well is client flow balanced across the gateways?

Poorly balanced load can have an impact on performance, Corvil shows how each gateway is loaded along with individual performance.

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Trace a client order, hop by hop through the infrastructure.

Corvil’s Multi-hop Analysis automatically tracks the path an order takes, revealing the latency across each hop.

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Which clients use the most infrastructure resource?

Are the clients with the highest message rates also the ones who generate the highest revenue? Corvil provides the numbers.

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What’s the latency between my sites?

Corvil’s patented technologies measure the per-packet latency between sites. It also relates latency performance to microburst activity, identifying if issues are due to the service provider or traffic congestion.

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DMA Gateway: Latency Correlation

If you’d like to understand how quickly your trading gateway is processing clients orders, Corvil provides the answers, by tracking the latency of every message, in both directions.

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Measure App Latency

By analyzing packets either side of an application such as an order gateway or pricing engine, Corvil can calculate the latency for each message processed by the application.

Corvil’s sophisticated correlation engine and extensive decoder suite handles the tracking of messages across different protocols.

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Measure Network Latency

By simultaneously monitoring packets either side of a network hop, Corvil’s correlation engine reports the one-way latency for every packet.

Within a Data Center, correlations are typically performed on a single Corvil appliance to measure the performance of firewalls and load balancers.

However correlations may also be performed between Corvil appliances in different physical locations to measure the latency of service providers and wide area network links. In the absence of a GPS or PTP source Corvil also takes care of clock synchronization.

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Manage Service Provider Links

By analyzing the microburst activity of traffic received across a link, Corvil reveals the effective bandwidth delivered by the service provider and confirms whether or not you’re getting what you paid for.

By monitoring both sides of a provider link with Corvil, it allows packet loss to be detected and the one-way latency of every packet to be measured. Corvil also takes care of clock synchronization supporting PTP & GPS/PPS. Plus, Corvil’s proprietary algorithm provides clock sync in the absence of an external source.

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Track Where A Client Order Went

When a client order experiences a high response time, it’s important to understand precisely where the latency was introduced, so that remedial action can be taken.

With a single click, Corvil’s Multi-hop analysis, tracks a transaction through each hop of the infrastructure, including the associated response message in the reverse direction.

The results are displayed in a graphical sequence diagram, detailing the precise latency for each hop.

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Bandwidth Sizing Estimation

When delivering bursty data across Wide Area Network links, Microbursts can cause queuing and delays at the sending end.

Corvil models this queuing effect in real-time, revealing not only the estimated queuing latency but also providing bandwidth recommendations.

Corvil enables you to right size your network bandwidth to ensure the queuing latency (and data lag) doesn’t exceed your desired SLA.

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Identify Network Bottlenecks

Corvil’s microburst technology continuously analyzes the arrival of every packet from a network link to reveal any bandwidth bottlenecks that the traffic has encountered. It does this by detecting the smoothing effect that a network buffer has on bursty traffic.

In contrast, traditional network monitoring tools that report to a granularity of one second or above are blind to these microbursts, providing a misleading and over-optimistic view of network performance.

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Trade Performance Analytics

Highly Granular

Recorded with UTC synchronized, nanosecond time-stamps, Corvil provides a highly granular and actionable audit trail of all activity, accurately time sequenced to understand cause and effect.

Customizable Dashboards

See infrastructure latency in true real-time with flexible and intuitive dashboards. Explore and interact with the data. Quickly drill into events to investigate root cause, or select longer time periods to spot trends, performance patterns & anomalies.

Complex Latency Correlations

Corvil’s correlation engine reports the per-message latency across each infrastructure hop. It takes care of multiple protocols and messaging changes that occur across devices such as Gateways and SORs.

Infrastructure Scaling

Using Microburst rather than average measurements, Corvil provides a detailed understanding of transient and dynamic loads, enabling infrastructure components to be correctly scaled to meet performance requirements.

Multi-Hop Transaction Tracking

Corvil’s multi-hop analysis tracks transactions across network and application hops, to execution venues and back again. It provides an intuitive and graphical representation of the latency over the entire journey.

Real-Time Alerting

Analysing transactions in real-time reveals performance anomalies as they happen. When latency spikes occur, Corvil immediately notifies operations teams and provides the crucial data to understand and resolve the event.

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