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Corvil Intelligence Hub is an advanced data analytics and business intelligence solution for Digital Business, IT Ops, and Security, delivering powerful insights to business and operational users.

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Improve Performance, Agility, and
Digital Experience of Today's Business

Intelligence Hub is an advanced data analytics and business intelligence solution for Digital Business, IT Ops, and Security. It delivers powerful insights to business and operational users.

Intelligence Hub complements Corvil Analytics appliances, which deliver a normalized source of rich, precision-sequenced data, providing:

  • High quality information - Delivered the way you want to use it
  • Intuitive analytics and visualizations - To find the answers you need
  • Intelligent alerting - To tell you when conditions are changing

Benefits and Outcomes

Rapid, unique insights – without big data costs or timeframes

Improved digital experiences with proactive alerting and fast, complete diagnosis

Greater operational efficiency with automatic triage and simple workflows

Diverse stakeholder use, with analytics aligned to business and customer

Better, more informed, data-driven answers and decisions

Enabling competitive advantage through greater agility and decision making

Big Data, Big Challenges

The answers lie in the data, but extracting them in a timely manner is no easy task.

Many organizations, seeking more proactive operations, greater service assurance, better customer intelligence, and new digital strategies, are looking to their data and systems for answers. Finding and implementing the right combination of data, tools, technologies, and scope has proven a source of grief more than a source of insight.

Corvil Intelligence Hub solves these challenges.

"Corvil's Intelligence Hub combines dynamic and reliable rich data with machine learning and persona-driven awareness.

As such, the Intelligence Hub can serve as a bridge to enable superior IT-to-business alignment, with unique insights into business ecosystem interdependencies as well as application and infrastructure behaviors."

—Dennis Drogseth, Vice President
Enterprise Management Associates

The Rise of Digital Intelligence

For both business and operations teams, looking solely at their respective domains without the context of the other leads to disconnects and slower response to the needs of users and customers.

Today’s businesses require a new type of insight. Insight that understands and correlates changes in critical dimensions. Insight that:

  • Enables IT and Security operations teams align to business, assess impact, and prioritize effort
  • Helps business process and service owners better understand how customers consume their service
  • Drives new levels of efficiency and agility for today’s business

Critical Dimensions of Insight:

  • Business outcomes
  • User and customer experience
  • Application and infrastructure performance
  • Cybersecurity

Rapid Intelligence

Corvil Intelligence Hub provides a rapidly deployable, self-service solution to enable more proactive and efficient operations and business insight.

Quickly and easily deploy effective visualizations and perform multi-dimensional data analysis to explore patterns of activity at scale to answer the difficult questions.

Triangulate meaningful anomalies by leveraging multiple machine learning algorithms. Gain rapid actionable insight – often proactively.

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Use historical trending as well as predictive analytics to evaluate how conditions will change over time to enable improved planning and decision-making.

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"Across industries, organizations are embracing digital transformation to remain competitive and respond to customer needs. We’ve found that organizations that enable diverse teams to access the right performance data as well as sophisticated analytics are best positioned to ensure their digital properties support critical business goals."

—Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst
451 Research

Business-Aligned Analytics and
Better Digital Experience Through AI Ops

  • Self-service operational intelligence and reporting
  • User performance analysis
  • Interdependency analysis
  • Top resources and response times
  • Long-term services trending

Cyber Risk Mitigation Through User Activity Analysis

  • Self-service security operational intelligence and reporting
  • User activity tracking and behavioral anomaly detection
  • Multi-dimensional user-based network traffic analysis
  • Long-term historical forensic analysis
  • Continuous cyber risk assessment