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Network-Based Visibility that Aligns Enterprise IT Directly to the Business

Business transactions, decoded from the wire, give the granular customer experience data that ties digital service delivery to the applications and infrastructure that underpin it. It provides insight to align IT to business priorities, whether they’re strategic, like investments in capacity to support an expanding service; or tactical, ensuring operations teams are focused on the most revenue impacting problems first. In fast-changing environments, network-based transactions, and the application and business data they contain, give a reliable and definitive data source on how well enterprise IT is delivering against its business objectives.



  • Reliable, independent measurement of complex services and infrastructure built on wire visibility
  • Better inter-departmental cooperation fostered by a common data source and toolset providing shared visibility and understanding throughout Dev, QA and Production.
  • A customer experience data source that can be used across the organization to monitor service quality, from business outcomes to infrastructure performance
  • IT investment aligned to business need, by correlating the load fluctuations on shared infrastructure to individual business services.

46% of organizations in DEJ's research reported that extracting network data for business use is one of their key goals for network performance monitoring. The research also shows that 41% of organizations are looking to use ITOA solutions outside of IT. Making IT more strategic and deploying solutions that benefit multiple job roles and departments are some of the key goals of digital businesses and ITOA technologies such as Corvil, are well positioned to address these objectives.

Bojan Simic, Founder and Chief Analyst, Digital Enterprise Journal

Problem Overview

Coping with continuous change is a fact of life in Enterprise IT. The move to DevOps has enabled businesses to respond to competitive pressures and innovate faster. But with more frequent rollouts, the risk of severe service disruption in the enterprise has never been so high. Increasingly complex and dynamic environments, with siloed tools and teams, mean that service quality problems persist and consume valuable resources to resolve. Business stakeholders have conflicting demands for more change, more stability, and more visibility.

A big part of the problem is that services are now granular, interwoven and distributed, while traditional management tools are siloed and distinct, monitoring components individually and saying little about overall service delivery.

Business owners and IT operations teams need an alternative monitoring approach that provides an integrated service-oriented view of customer experience. A data source that gives visibility of service execution across all the infrastructure, and commercial metrics that can drive business execution.

Corvil Tops Info-Tech Research Network Monitoring Report Read the Report

"Exploit wire data as a source of information and springboard for analysis of the entire IT infrastructure and application portfolio."


Solution Overview

Corvil Streaming Machine-Time Analytics provides a non-intrusive approach that delivers rapid and deep insight into the availability and performance of modern distributed applications and they how they impact the customer experience. By rapidly understanding the effect of application changes on the supporting IT infrastructures, you can reduce the risk of failures and outages that is the downside of DevOps.

Corvil deploys straight into production, plugging into the network and decoding application and business data. The enterprise-wide customer experience data it delivers allows every single business transaction to be tracked through front office applications, core business applications, shared enterprise infrastructure and the network.

Business data can also be decoded, such as service, product & price data, allowing operations teams to prioritize their processes around revenue impact, while presenting granular business intelligence and analytics to the business owners.

Multi-Tier Analytics


Corvil Provides Enterprise-wide Customer Centric Operational Analytics

Business Application

Monitor application transactions with business intelligence.


Monitor middleware transactions including ultra low latency buses.


In depth instrumentation without adding load.

Network Services

Non-intrusive monitoring of DNS, LDAP, DHCP and more.

Network Performance

Monitor the impact on services via loss, latency and resends and more.

Core Business

Monitor high volume back office application transactions.

General IT

Managed back office IT, such as Critrix virtualized services.


VoIP signalling, quality scores, user traces, sequence diagrams.

Cloud Migration

Assure service quality during cloud migration of services.


Monitor latency, loss and retransmissions and more.


VoIP signalling, quality scores, user traces, sequence diagrams.

Packet Capture

Capture and store raw packets for detailed forensics.