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Service-Orientated Analytics Driving Operational Efficiency and Collaboration Across Business and IT

Wire data, decoded from the network, provides the richest source of real-time insight into customer experience. With the right analytics, wire data reveals a cross-sectional view of service delivery, bringing operations and application teams together and giving instant visibility into the impact each component tier has on delivered quality. Extracted business data allows operations teams to prioritize against revenue impact, and delivers granular business intelligence and analytics to business owners.



  • Definitive measurement of IT’s ability to execute business line objectives.
  • A customer experience data source for all disciplines, to measure service quality and monitor component performance.
  • Better inter-departmental cooperation fostered by a common data source and toolset providing shared understanding and common visibility.
  • A single monitoring platform that can be used throughout Dev, QA and Production.
  • IT investment aligned to business need, by correlating the load fluctuations on shared infrastructure to individual business services.
  • Diagnose even the most complex problems rapidly by monitoring the end to end transaction path through the entire enterprise.
  • Trace individual customer transactions to diagnose complaints.

“Corvil has become the new standard for measuring performance within the organization. As it continues to spread across the business units and environments the areas where stakeholders would like to deploy it are growing rapidly.”

Anna Zapala, IT Network Engineer, Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Problem Overview

The risk of severe service disruption in the enterprise has never been so high. Business lines are launching and iterating digital services continuously, against a background of increasingly complex IT environments. Business stakeholders have conflicting demands for more change, more stability, and more visibility.

Operations are struggling to accommodate the new rate of change. Outages and brownouts may involve dozens of internal experts, service providers and vendors, each with their own siloed performance management tools that give conflicting and incomplete information. Root cause analysis may require complex and time consuming trawls through multiple packet captures to solve session level problems.

What’s missing is a single trusted data source with a top-down view of real-time customer experience, service delivery, and infrastructure performance. A data source usable by application and network operations that can also feed authoritative data into application owners. Not only bringing operations teams together, but also business lines; providing a definitive measurement of business execution.

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"Exploit wire data as a source of information and springboard for analysis of the entire IT infrastructure and application portfolio."


Solution Overview

Corvil Streaming Machine-Time Analytics platform provides a unique non-intrusive approach that provides rapid and deep insight into the availability and performance of modern distributed applications and how the complex interaction of software and infrastructure impacts the delivered customer experience. By rapidly understanding the effect of application changes on the supporting IT infrastructures, you can reduce the risk of failures and outages that is the downside of DevOps.

Corvil plugs into the network and decodes both network and application transaction data, providing an independent and authoritative record of network activity. In fact, Corvil produces an integrated view of everything happening on the network: every DHCP request, DNS lookup, SIP invite, every user transaction, every database query; all correlated with network packets statistics.

Corvil provides the enterprise-wide customer experience management that allows every single session to be stitched and traced through front office applications, core business applications, shared enterprise infrastructure and network. Even business data can be decoded, such as service, product & price data, allowing operations teams to prioritize their processes around business impact, while presenting granular business intelligence & analytics.

Detailed Corvil Data can be streamed to where it is most needed, supporting integrations with Splunk, ElasticSearch, Kafka and other Ops tools. Metrics down to forensics are available through a rich API, allowing DevOps to close the loop with QA test runs and production monitoring.


Corvil Provides Enterprise-wide Customer Centric Operational Analytics

Business Application

Monitor application transactions with business intelligence.


Monitor middleware transactions including ultra low latency buses.


In depth instrumentation without adding load.

Network Services

Non-intrusive monitoring of DNS, LDAP, DHCP and more.

Network Performance

Monitor the impact on services via loss, latency and resends and more.

Core Business

Monitor high volume back office application transactions.

General IT

Managed back office IT, such as Critrix virtualized services.


VoIP signalling, quality scores, user traces, sequence diagrams.

Cloud Migration

Assure service quality during cloud migration of services.


Monitor latency, loss and retransmissions and more.


VoIP signalling, quality scores, user traces, sequence diagrams.

Packet Capture

Capture and store raw packets for detailed forensics.