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Real-time Visibility and Deep Insight into Network Performance

Assure and Optimize Network Performance

Resolve problems faster and plan for the future more effectively with Corvil’s unequalled visibility into what is happening across networks, datacenters and infrastructure services. Our precision network traffic analysis pinpoints any obscure bottlenecks affecting user experience. We conduct deeper analysis of capacity consumption, so you have the data to proactively address trends developing across the network.



  • Improved network performance and connectivity health assurance
  • Lower MTTR
  • Rapid identification and diagnosis of complex problems
  • Improved capacity planning
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced finger-pointing across multiple teams

Network Analytics

Corvil Tops Network Monitoring Report

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Network Analytics

Exchange Reduces MTTR by 89% with Corvil

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Network Analytics

Trading Solutions Provider Cuts Troubleshooting Time by 94%

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Network Analytics

Cloudy with a Chance of TCP Drops

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Things You Can Do With Corvil

Simplify Problem Isolation and Resolution

Rapidly Diagnose Congestion Causes

Interactively Explore Host Connectivity

Key Capabilities

TCP Analysis

Metrics calculated per flow including round-trip times, retransmissions, zero window size, concurrent connections

Network Performance

Monitor directional latency, loss, jitter and service provider performance

Microburst Analysis

Highly granular bandwidth utilization statistics and reporting to identify network bottlenecks

Top Talkers

Visualize top conversations, talkers and listeners based on any query

Bandwidth Sizing

Right-size network bandwidth to ensure the queuing latency (and data lag) does not exceed desired SLAs

Application Recognition

Automatically detect and report applications per flow to identify active applications on the network

Context Enrichment

Leverage DNS naming and session-based reporting for troubleshooting authentication-related connectivity issues

Multi-Cast Gap Detection

Track sequence numbers of all multicast feeds as a first step towards full Market Data Analysis

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