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Optimize and Secure Digital Experiences with Corvil and LiveAction Integration

Increasing Service and Security Demands for Complex Network Infrastructures

Network infrastructures that deliver critical business services are large, complex, dynamic and orchestrated with an intricate set of quality of service (QoS) policies to deliver a quality user experience. As the fabric for the business, network infrastructures are often the first point of blame for lengthy outages or periods of inconsistent user experiences and higher risk of cyber attack.

The onus lies with operations teams to solve multi-faceted issues, amid:

  • Siloed monitoring tools providing limited visibility across diverse services, applications, and infrastructure
  • Inconsistent network policies and service profiles
  • Fragmented investigative workflows that require burdensome manual correlation across traffic flow analysis and packet-based analysis
  • Inadequate granularity to pinpoint root cause

Only by removing the burden of manually stitching together monitoring, analysis, correlation, and orchestration can network managers improve their ability to assure delivery and security of applications.


  • Faster and more comprehensive detection and diagnosis of performance issues
  • Improved user and digital experiences
  • Improved detection, investigation, and response to security events
  • Improved operational productivity

LiveAction Integration

Increased Visibility into IT Networks

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LiveAction Integration

Enable Businesses to Optimize and Secure Digital Experiences

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"Optimizing the delivery of business services across large, complex infrastructures requires rich insights across multiple data sets. Corvil’s partnership with LiveAction is a perfect example of what’s needed to provide yet more robust depth and insight to this very multi-dimensional challenge.”

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Combined Flow and Packet Analysis for Greater Network Breadth and Depth of Visibility

Corvil and LiveAction have partnered to better empower network teams to:

  • Optimize digital experiences for their company’s customers, partners and employees
  • Strengthen cybersecurity protection of business data, users and processes
  • Improve productivity and efficiency

The partnership between Corvil and LiveAction provides businesses with increased visibility into their IT networks, along with deeper analytic insights and stronger cybersecurity. Together, the platforms deliver insights from multiple network flow sources and packet-level data. This provides customers with complete visibility and enhanced device management capabilities across global networks. From this, they offer a deeper view into the indicators of compromise, users, devices, services, and application details necessary to effectively drive today’s businesses.


  • Advanced analytics from network flow and packet data
  • Innovative enterprise visualization
  • Application and business transaction visibility
  • Suspect host and user visibility
  • Quality of Service control
  • Network forensics and flow replay
  • Continuous and targeted packet capture • Seamless workflows

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Corvil Integrations

Global Visibility and Deeper Application Insights for Better Optimization

Integrated workflows deliver the complete application performance picture. For example, optimize voice services with drill down from LiveAction’s global flow visibility to Corvil’s deeper application insights.


  • Failed VoIP calls including ladder diagram of signaling
  • VoIP calls with low MOS
  • VoIP replay via packets

Flow Visualization and Deeper Network Insights for Faster Problem Diagnosis

LiveAction global flow visualizations can be enhanced with Corvil’s more detailed performance analysis, enabling users to drill into insights.


  • Link saturation events (microbursts) that are invisible to metrics averaged over 1 second
  • All packets dropped on the link

Key Benefits


Interactive network topology visualizations display traffic flows and the network devices that communicate those flows across your network. Visualize trouble spots on the network for a better understanding of traffic patterns.


Enhanced root-cause diagnosis of complex infrastructure and application problems with continuous L2-L7 analysis providing micro-level network visibility, operations analytics and forensics. Network teams find root causes faster with better insight into middleware, storage and application calls.


Deep content inspection enables more granular tracking as business transactions cross network hops and application protocol changes. Empowers network teams to nimbly search for and troubleshoot transactions by type, business user, location, and other business-relevant classifications.


Create, edit and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches on live networks consistently and confidently. Use Cisco best practice policy templates or LiveAction's GUI editor to build custom policies. Improve capacity management decisions with Corvil's microburst insights.


Track threats and lateral movement by combining Corvil’s pinpointing of the riskiest hosts with LiveAction’s complete picture of hosts’ communications on the network. Continuous packet capture and flow replay capabilities further provide a comprehensive forensic record for analysis.


Bolster productivity through streamlined workflows by joining an expanded set of network-based machine data sources, insights, and capabilities. Joint solution incorporates menu options and click-back functionality between LiveAction and Corvil dashboards and vice versa.