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Corvil’s collaboration with Splunk delivers operational intelligence about business-critical web application performance and streamlines troubleshooting workflows to assure and improve your users’ experience with these web applications.

Familiar Splunk dashboards and capabilities are powered by Corvil’s comprehensive visibility into user-specific transactions including user experience, network access performance, application server performance and failed application transactions -- accelerating your time to insight.

Corvil’s App for Splunk also visualizes web application traffic flowing across every tier of app delivery infrastructure making it easy for IT Operations teams and Level 2 Network Engineers to troubleshoot more efficiently.



  • Leverage familiar Splunk visualization and investigation capabilities to manage enterprise web application performance
  • Reduce MTTR with troubleshooting workflows enhanced with new levels of visibility into network performance and its impact on web application performance
  • Simplify root-cause analysis across multiple tiers of application and network infrastructure
  • Improve HelpDesk responsiveness with user transaction search and triage capabilities
  • Streamline IT Operations collaboration with network engineers with shared dashboards and simplified access to deeper packet inspection

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"The user-centric analytics presented in Corvil’s newest app for Splunk represent an important step forward in exploiting wire data for optimizing IT Operations efforts."

Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst - Networking, 451 Research

Problem Overview

Lack of Insight into Web Application Performance and User Transaction Response Times

When problems are escalated to IT Operations or the Level 2 network operations team, their troubleshooting efforts within Splunk dashboards are hindered by the lack of insight that network metrics and deep packet analysis can provide about web application performance and user transaction response times.

This lack is particularly acute for large enterprises that develop custom web applications to provide a business-specific competitive advantage, such as a logistic application for a transportation firm. These web applications are typically accessed by employees, customers, and partners across the globe via their browsers or mobile devices.

This global user access necessitates a complex application delivery infrastructure connected by equally complex networking infrastructure. Therefore, comprehensive diagnosis of a misbehaving user transaction involves identifying the user via deep network packet inspection and tracking that individual’s transaction through each component of the infrastructure to see where along its path the problem occurred.

If these network-based insights remain trapped deep with specialized network analysis tools, fewer application issues can be resolved by IT Operations and Level 2 networking teams. Additionally, mean time to repair (MTTR) will lengthen as more and more problems are escalated to an overwhelmed Level 3 networking team.


  • No visibility into network performance and its impact on application delivery.
  • Inefficient operations and support processes, with the network, often being blamed by default.
  • Over dependence on network experts to perform time-consuming and reactive analysis of critical application performance issues.
  • MTTR worsens as the number of L3 escalations accelerates because networking experts seem to be the only way to resolve problems.

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Solution Overview

Deep Decoding of Network Message Fields and Packet Payloads Flowing Through the Network in Real Time

The visualizations within Corvil’s App for Splunk makes network analytics and network performance data more accessible and consumable to Splunk users triaging problematic user transactions or other application performance issues.
Corvil’s App for Splunk dashboards report application transactions trends, including transactions with errors and transactions with slow response times. Drill down to individual transactions is supported, where a transaction sequence diagram gives precision insight into timing of interactions between network devices and various servers delivering the transaction.

These dashboards and workflows are driven by the Corvil platform which provides deep decoding of network message fields and packet payloads flowing through the network in real time. The decoded payload data enables transaction data to be categorized, providing context of specific applications, application users, transaction types, and network sites. This context makes it easy for any stakeholder in the organization to see the cause of impaired transaction delivery. They can see it within their familiar IT Operations ecosystem.

For the first time, they can easily see network data presented as it relates to the applications, users, and transactions context they care about.

"The new Corvil App for Splunk visualizes real-time infrastructure behaviors in the context of user transactions. This context bridges the gap between IT Operations need to manage digital user experiences and the deep infrastructure visibility required by Network Operations."

Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst - Network Management, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Key Capabilities


Proactively report on performance degradation by automatically baselining normal transaction performance.


Search for specific application users to visualize application usage and diagnose an individual’s complaints.


Quickly understand time spent on the network versus server processing time for problematic transactions.


Real-time network-based transaction decoding removes the need to perform time-consuming and reactive packet capture.


Corvil App for Splunk dashboards and network expert dashboards powered by the same high quality data and analysis.


Complete visibility into application and network performance as applications are migrated to the cloud.