Risk & Compliance

Corvil transforms network data into streaming intelligence for electronic trading businesses to operate with full transparency, demonstrate proactive oversight, and deliver trusted data for regulatory compliance risk management.

Corvil Recognized in the 2019 RegTech 100 Innovative Technologies

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How to Stay OTR Compliant and Still Trade Competitively

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Flow Traders Taps into Corvil’s Predictive Analytics

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Exchange Simplifies Compliance and Service Assurance

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What you get with Corvil

A precision sequenced and nanosecond-timestamped audit trail of every order lifecycle message, with traceability to UTC for compliance reporting, and forensic investigation. Access advanced analysis of order flows from every desk, client, and strategy to proactively identify compliance risks that require action.

Safeguarding Business in Machine-Time with Corvil

Corvil Is Used Across Financial Markets

Sell-side Broker - Electronic Trading

Sell-side Broker

Buy-side Investor - Electronic Trading

Buy-side Investor

FX Trading - Electronic Trading

FX Trading

Fixed Income - Electronic Trading

Fixed Income

Market Maker - Electronic Trading

Market Maker

Equities Exchange - Electronic Trading

Equities Exchange

Options Exchange - Electronic Trading

Options Exchange

Data Provider - Electronic Trading

Data Provider

Service Provider - Electronic Trading

Service Provider

Arm Provider - Electronic Trading

Arm Provider