Cyber Security

Corvil transforms network data into streaming cyber intelligence providing the user-centric visibility and deep forensics for broader threat detection and faster response necessary to provide insider threat protection and greater SOC efficiency.

User-Centric Network Traffic Analysis

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Behavioral Anomaly Detection

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Deep Packet Forensics

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Security Integration

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What you get with Corvil

Record every communication and see every threat across the network – continuously and in real-time. Automatically triage threats for investigation by user, by host, by indicator of compromise or by attack pattern. Have full visibility down to the decoded message to allow live tracking, hunting, and more complete retrospective investigation. Get it all seamlessly integrated to enhance your security ecosystem.

Safeguarding Business in Machine-Time with Corvil

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What would you like to do?

  • Pinpoint Compromised Hosts
  • Detect Ransomware & Malware
  • Expose Suspect User Behavior
  • Find Covert Backchannels
  • Identify Weak Encryption
  • View Uninstrumented Machines
  • See Unauthorized Communications
  • Integrate with Endpoint Security

Benefits and Outcomes

Better insider threat detection

Increased efficiency and faster response

Reduced risk of breach related theft/damage

Faster, more complete investigations

Continual Risk Assessment & Simplified Business-Level Reporting

More comprehensive and effective security ecosystem

Corvil’s ability to provide comprehensive user activity insights into the security ecosystem represents a major step forward.

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