SecurityFaster, More Comprehensive Threat Identification

Real-time Threat Detection

Find, Track, and Stop More Attacks Sooner

Today’s malicious actors are motivated, often well-funded, and adept at evading security teams. They creatively originate new approaches each day to penetrate perimeter security, compromise user accounts and even identify and circumvent known security tools.

Corvil provides the granular visibility to bring attempted attacks to light as they are happening for increased cyber threat protection. And because Corvil leaves no footprint, it is invisible to attackers.

Corvil continuously records and analyzes network communications, identifying and prioritizing suspicious and malicious behaviors – originating externally or internally - in real-time. Be they mobile devices, smart machines, or even uninstrumented hosts, their activity is seen and analyzed.

By providing live deep content inspection of every packet, Corvil addresses multiple dimensions to detect elusive cyber menaces, including:

  • Communications types and content
  • Pattern and indicator matching from threat intelligence feeds (integrated, third-party, and definable)
  • User account activity

This enables Corvil to not only be effective and fast at detecting threats, but also in detecting more effective (and elusive) threats faster!


  • Reduced risk and data loss
  • Reduced Mean Time to Detect (Mean Time to Detect) threats
  • Improved security analyst productivity
  • Improved value and effectiveness of third-party threat intelligence

Real-time Threat Detection

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Security Analytics

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Real-time Threat Detection

Overcoming Cyber Threat Detection Challenges

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Real-time Threat Detection

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Security Analytics

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Real-time Threat Detection

Security Analytics

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“Raw network traffic provides insights for applied behavioral analysis and protection from cyber-threats that cannot be found in netflow or activity logs. Enterprises are embracing products such as Corvil that perform real-time deep content inspection and analysis of enriched packet data as key elements of an effective security strategy."

451 Research


Threat Intelligence Operationalization

Easier usage and improved value through live matching of the latest threats, compromise indicators and attack patterns from integrated and third party threat intelligence feeds.

User Activity Tracking

Comprehensive, real-time and retrospective tracking of user activity across multiple endpoints and devices for indicators of lateral movement and privilege escalation.

Live Tracking

Leverage our real-time analytics to track malicious activities as they occur.

Backchannel Detection

Reveals covert backchannels and simplifies investigation of internal systems and user accounts associated with using the channels.

Open Data Integration

Enable richer investigations and behavioral analysis by integrating our streaming analytics with a variety of big data and analytics solutions.

High Quality Data

Minimize the manual effort of getting the (L2-L7) details and context using our deep packet analysis

Immutable Data

Unlike logs, machine communications deliver an immutable record of what actually happened, which we passively capture, analyze and correlate to simplify investigative workflows.

Simplified Anomaly Detection

Continuous process for monitoring communications, authentication, encryption and other protocols anomalies.