SecurityCorvil Complements Cisco Tetration Analytics

Dynamic Data Center Security and Service Assurance

Security and Performance Across Dynamic Infrastructures

Today’s business transactions and applications span a broad and ever-changing array of physical and virtual infrastructures across data center and hybrid cloud deployments. Increased infrastructure dynamism combined with DevOps-driven application changes has made it more challenging for organizations to understand how applications are performing in support of the business and to assure their delivery, performance, and security.

Static, perimeter-based security models and log data sources are no longer adequate to protect against attacks and to gain actionable insight into infrastructure and application service delivery. With the majority of cyberattacks carried out by inadvertent or malicious insiders, organizations must continuously monitor and analyze the behaviors of application communications and users and take rapid action where required.

Often problems are caused by the complex and ever-changing interactions between different service components. Operations teams are challenged by:

  • Limited understanding of current and historical business transaction and application communication
  • Isolation of root cause of problems across dynamic infrastructures
  • Designing and enforcing application segmentation and security policies
  • Understanding how dynamic application and network services are impacting
    customer experience

Understanding dynamic environments demands richer information generated by continuous analysis of diverse and granular data sources.


  • More detailed and effective policies for security enforcement and application segmentation
  • Additional context to annotate Tetration’s network flow analysis and inform application policy and security orchestration
  • Faster and more comprehensive detection and diagnosis of performance issues by combining advanced flow and packet analysis
  • Improved user experience optimization combining application flows with deeper transaction content analysis

Cisco Tetration Integration

Dynamic Data Center Security And Service Assurance

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Cisco Tetration Integration

Corvil Integration with Cisco Tetration Analytics

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"The depth and insight from Corvil analytics combined with Cisco’s Tetration Analytics will provide richer understanding of workload characteristics, improved detection of evasive security threats, and more effective transaction insight. This type of integration is needed to drive tighter alignment between network, application, security, and business teams."

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Solution Overview

Enriched Communications Analysis for Dynamic Insight, Policy Enforcement and Response

Corvil complements Cisco Tetration Analytics by enhancing the L2-4 flow-based information with richer details obtained through Corvil’s continuous real-time application-level analysis of packet data. By enriching Tetration Analytics with Corvil’s unique visibility, customers gain the ability to better understand application dependencies, to develop more detailed and effective policies for security enforcement and application segmentation, to save time for operations teams, and to provide better protection for their business.

Corvil’s integration with Cisco Tetration Analytics seeks to deliver increased security and performance for business applications through dynamic policy enforcement, response, and visibility. The combination provides for:

  • Expanded data sets for visibility and analysis across network and applications
  • Rich, historical big data set for forensics, historical activity, and trending
  • Dynamic response for automation, service improvement and security response

Corvil provides information to annotate Tetration Analytics flows in four key areas: Service Assurance, Cybersecurity, Application Dependencies/Behaviors, and Business Transactions with future phased collaboration focused on delivering dynamic responses.


Category Analytics Actions
Service Assurance Machine-time analysis
Packet decoding
Workload orchestration
Application segmentation
Error code specific reaction
Cybersecurity Indicators of compromise
Suspect user activities
Host quarantine
Application policy updates
Application Dependencies User response times
Multi-hop/tier performance benchmarking
Information updates
Policy enforcement
Business Transactions Real-time user/customer identification
Business-relevant transaction classifications
QoS service profiling
Transaction flow reporting/td>