SecurityExpose Suspect User Behavior

Focus On Attacker Activities To Accelerate Detection And Response

User Accounts Prioritized By Suspicious Activities Occurring Across Your Environment

The culmination of many multi-stage cyberattacks is the hijacking of legitimate user accounts to facilitate lateral movement and privilege escalation. The challenge is that many security platforms are geared towards identifying compromise only on a host by host basis. This host-based viewpoint leaves you dashing from host to host to see if attackers have been there and what they have done.

By pivoting to a user-based viewpoint, you can focus on user accounts with the most suspicious activities and then identify all of the hosts associated with those activities, regardless of where those hosts reside in your environment. You can then eliminate internal and external threats by either shutting down accounts or limiting account privileges.

Corvil enables comprehensive, real-time tracking and retrospective analysis of user activity across multiple endpoints, devices, applications and systems in your environment. Critical user actions such as remote access, host login attempts, remote file access, file transfers, and remote database queries are correlated to simplify investigation. The activities of privileged users, such as Windows Domain Administrators, can be automatically flagged for priority review.



  • Accelerated user threat detection times
  • Insight into lateral user movement
  • Visibility into privilege escalation
  • Improved identification of all hosts associated with compromised user accounts
  • Improved accuracy of response
  • Improved user account controls

Expose Suspect User Behavior

Corvil Security Analytics

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Expose Suspect User Behavior

Corvil Security Analytics

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Expose Suspect User Behavior

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Expose Suspect User Behavior

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Visibility into communications, user actions, and past activity with the ability to see the most granularity.


Improved productivity and effectiveness through efficient investigations leveraging, correlated, context-enriched information, with drill down to the details.


No overhead, no trace, impervious to circumvention, and immutable.