Security AnalyticsProactively Identify Use of Weak Encryption

Minimize The Manual Effort Needed to Assure Protection

Comprehensive Visibility Assures Protection of Data In-Transit

Encrypting network traffic plays an important role in protecting corporate data in transit. However, when weak encryption protocols or expired certificates are used, enterprises can be fooled into believing they are protected, when in reality they are not.

The proliferation of new applications and new devices — along with overworked IT teams with narrow change windows — makes it challenging to ensure that in-transit data is always protected with adequate encryption. These visibility and maintenance lapses create paths of least resistance that are readily exploited by cyber attackers.

Because Corvil sees all communications, including from uninstrumented devices, we can observe and report on exposures, such as:

  • Use of insecure versions of encryption protocols being actively used by applications
  • Expired encryption certificates, and those about to expire
  • Active use of malicious certificates reported by threat intelligence feeds

We also stream detected exposures in real-time to SIEMs enabling collaboration with IT professionals to rapidly address policy violations and potential threats.



  • Improved assurance of appropriate data protection
  • Streamlined discovery of active security exposures
  • Improved compliance with security policies
  • Improved detection of malicious certificates in use