Security AnalyticsDiscover Unauthorized Cloud Communication

Detect, Track And Mitigate Suspect Use Of Cloud Services

Comprehensive Visibility That Minimizes Blindspots

The use of public clouds is now standard in virtually all organizations. Whether it’s employees accessing SaaS platforms such as SharePoint and Dropbox, or developers using AWS and Azure for development and staging environments, public clouds have now become a fact of life for all IT and security organizations, whether their use is authorized or not.

Corvil monitors communications between the enterprise and the cloud services, including the details of users and devices involved. By comparing observed activities with usage data from authorized systems and users, security teams can identify and investigate suspicious communications.

Detailed insight into cloud usage answers critical questions such as:

  • Are there anomalies in our cloud communications?
  • Have privileged users deployed rogue cloud services?
  • Have compromised user accounts accessed cloud services?

Answering these questions enables security teams to detect, track and mitigate unauthorized and/or suspicious use of cloud services.



  • Insight into unauthorized cloud usage
  • Improved assurance of security policy compliance
  • Reduced coverage and data gaps
  • Identification of potential threats in cloud communications
  • Improved productivity with streamlined investigations
  • Improved accuracy of response