Security AnalyticsDiscover Uninstrumented Hosts and Devices

Mitigate Coverage Gaps And Threats Hiding Within

Pinpoint Compromised Hosts And Devices Within Blind-Spots

Endpoint security agents can provide good protection for the systems on which they are installed. However, with the proliferation of new mobile and IoT devices without agents, risk abounds. It is simply impossible to effectively secure the invisible.

Corvil’s agentless, zero-impact technology captures all communications, thus we can observe activities even from uninstrumented devices. By comparing observed activities with data from instrumented hosts and devices, security teams can identify coverage gaps and collaborate with IT teams to install, or reinstall, the appropriate agents to harden the environment against attack.

Additionally, Corvil pinpoints compromised hosts and devices by matching the activities we observe against risk factors such as authorization failures, remote file access failures, communication with suspicious IP addresses and DNS anomalies. Investigating these high risk hosts and devices first accelerates investigations to find, track and eliminate the internal or external threats. The result: faster and more effective response before even more damage is done.



  • Identification of coverage gaps
  • Improved hardening of corporate attack surface
  • Improved detection of compromised hosts and devices
  • Improved productivity with streamlined investigations
  • Improved accuracy of response